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Converting FAA To EASA In US

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Global Atlantis Services is dedicated in flight education, flight training, and consultancy in the field of aviation. Specializing in flight training in the US, we make it easy so come fly with us today.

We Provide:

  • Special Programs For Each Student
  • We Track Each Students Progress To Succeed
  • We Help After Programs With Job Placement
  • FAA Flight Training
  • EASA Flight Training
  • Private Pilot Training
  • Instrument Training
  • Commercial Flight Training
  • EASA to FAA Conversion
  • Accomodations and Transportation

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Converting FAA To EASA In US

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Dedicated Quality Flight Lessons in US

We are dedicated in education, training and consultancy in the field of aviation.


Global Atlantis Services Corporation is a company based in Miami, Florida dedicated in education, training and consultancy in the field of aviation. Our goal is to provide students the best training to make the process easy and their time in the USA as pleasant as possible. As we are partners with many flight schools in the USA, we can select the best one that covers your needs and expectations.

We have accomodation and transportation, as well as daily contact with the student to assist him/her on questions or difficulties he/she may have, both personally and academically. Our company is made up by professionals in the Aviation’s World.

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Advantages Of Using Global Atlantis

Since we are partners to many Aviation Companies we can design specific and individual programs to our clients to accommodate them to their level of experience. An advantage of studying with us is that, if the client reaches a point in where he/she do not feel comfortable at any stage of the course, we can move him/her to another one by our supervision to meet him/her expectations without an additional cost. Services include Job Search and Interview preparation, conducted by our specialized company when the training is complete.

Flight Lessons in US

Flying Lessons, also known as: Flight Training, Flight Lesson, Pilot Training, Pilot’s Training, Pilot’s Lesson, Pilot Lessons, – no matter what you call them, buckle your seatbelt and prepare yourself for a whole lot of fun. Before you begin your flight training you should successfully pass your computer FAA exam. > 95% of our weekend ground school graduates pass on their first attempt.


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