This approach is for the pilots who have the previous FAA flight training experience and looking for the possibility to continue their aviation education, develop their pilot skills and add a new profession of Certified Flight Instructor. Our school can offer you a unique possibility to develop your FAA Commercial Pilot experience through the standardization of your previous training and graduation of our accredited Professional Pilot Program by adding Certified Instructor License with all applicable ratings. Enrollment in this program make you eligible for F1 student visa status.

These courses bring you the highest level of professionalism, so you will be able to share your knowledge with other students and continuously improve your pilot and instructor skills in the professional background. It is not only the training, but it is also additional aviation profession plus the possibility to get your practical training in the United States for up to 2 years, gain practical experience in flight training, build 1500 hours for your future aviation career and be paid for hours of instructing you give to students or flying as commercial pilot, join US Regional airline for 1 year and may be even sponsored for the Type Rating, if you are qualified.

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Atlantis Aviation is a company made up of professionals in the world of Aviation, dedicated to education, training, and consultancy in the aviation industry.

Our headquarters are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA), although with worldwide operations, presence, and great relations.