Global Atlantis Commercial Pilot School in South Florida

Global Atlantis Commercial Pilot School in South Florida

by Alfredo Diez, February 8, 2016

Global Atlantis Commercial Pilot School in South Florida. The emergence of airplanes has considerably facilitated the transport and travel industry and has also increased the traffic manifold. Commercial aircraft are utilized for large-scale movements of cargo and people, and are built to accommodate larger numbers of passengers and higher transport volumes.

Working mechanisms also change along with the emergence of advanced features and newest technologies. That is why Global Atlantis Commercial Pilot School is continuously updating their exclusive curriculum to be up to date with the new technology. These commercial pilot school also offers the proper mandatory licenses for flying commercial aircraft worldwide.

Commercial Pilot School

Global Atlantis Commercial Pilot School


If you already have an FAA certification, you can further your education with Global Atlantis Commercial Pilot School, that offers specially designed courses and flying lessons by experienced faculty and industry experts. Highly experienced instructors also facilitate training sessions combined with effective classroom teaching. For new students, all the requirements and hours of practice will be covered and for those who already have previous experience and certifications from other countries, a validation process can be possible in our facilities.

After a license is granted, after their hands on flight training hours and curriculum completion, Global Atlantis students can approach airline operators or airline companies and apply for jobs positions as commercial pilots.

Global Atlantis Services – Commercial Pilot School

We welcome new students and former students to get their commercial pilot certifications. We are an accredited pilot school that is committed to giving our students the best training, counseling, and hands-on experience in the Aviation field. If you live nearby, check out our facilities; and if you live out of town, you could chat with one of our representatives and get all the information regarding student visas, curriculum and stay accommodations during the course of your career. Call us today at 786-332-1228 or 305-434-6614 or visit www.GlobalAtlantis.com Schedule a skype meeting: Commercial Pilot School contact form

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