How To Become a Pilot – Global Atlantis Services

How To Become a Pilot – Global Atlantis Services

by Alfredo Diez, January 7, 2016

How To Become a Pilot With Global Atlantis Services

Have you ever wonder how to become a pilot or just wanted to take flight lessons to see the world with a different perspective? Flying takes you places and how exciting would be if you are the one in charge of the airplane! Suddenly, the distances will shrink, and you will start thinking in a different way, where your senses are in tune to the world of aviation.

How To Become a Pilot

How to become a pilot

Explore new places, learn to fly, and explore the world with this amazing career. This new year’s 2016 resolution should be to search for a flying school that best suits your needs and why not, to get all the licenses you need if you are pursuing a more advanced career. Some aviation students start with the basic flying lessons and, later on, decide to pursue more certifications to become flying instructors. Maybe teaching is your calling too, and with endless possibilities in the Aviation field.

Experience The Feeling of Freedom, and Accomplishment 

Leonardo's Mechanical Drawing

Leonardo’s Mechanical Drawing

History has told us that people have wanted to fly for thousands of years. Even Leonardo da Vinci, the remarkable artist and author of the “Mona Lisa” had an interest in aviation. Da Vinci seemed truly excited about the possibility of people soaring through the skies like birds. Unfortunately, besides designing a multitude of mechanical devices, there is no evidence that he actually flown like a bird.
Can you imagine how lucky we are to live in an era where it’s not only possible to fly, but it’s more accessible than ever?

Are You Ready To Become a pilot?

Global Atlantis Services is an Aviation School located in Miami Florida, minutes from the Opa-Locka Airport where students not only enjoy the aviation community but practice with the Cessna’s and Piper’s aircraft. Our mission is to grow your participation in the Aviation field and that the students experience the best pilot training. We are partners with other flight schools in the USA, so we can help you select the one that suits your needs and exceed your expectations. Whatever your interests, whatever your goals, Global Atlantis will help you in the right direction and show you that your dream of becoming a pilot it’s closer than you think. Call us today at 786-332-1228 or 305-434-6614 or Click how to become a pilot contact form.

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