Global Atlantis in Miami Florida-Flight Training

Global Atlantis in Miami Florida-Flight Training

by Alfredo Diez, August 19, 2015

Florida has the ideal weather for enjoying the beach almost every day of the year. Also, offers a variety of natural attractions, such as The Keys, a long chain of island off the southern coast, over 30.000 lakes and the Everglades National Park. You can fly to the Caribbean, North and South America and Bahamian Islands, which are only thirty minutes away.

Learn To Fly with Us

Global Atlantis flight training school is dedicated in education, training, and consultancy in the field of Aviation. We are professionals in the Aviation world, and our goal is to provide students the best training, make the process easy and their trip and time in the USA as pleasant as possible. We are also partners with many Flight Schools in the USA, and can select the best one that covers your needs and expectations. We have accommodation, transportation, and daily contact with the students to assist them with questions or difficulties they may have.

First Step to Choosing The Right Aviation Course

Whichever course you choose, our close attention to quality and personal service will greatly help you progress in your studies. We suggest to start with the FAA training program that prepares you to fly in the USA, Asia and South America with certifications from private pilot to commercial, multi-engine and instrument rating. We have other certifications such as SEL (Single Engine Land) and MEI (Multi-Engine Instructor) to become a certified flight instructor.

Licence Conversion Pilot Program

We help you transfer and validate your foreign license into an FAA Commercial. If you hold an EASA/JAA Licence and would like to get the FAA Certificates, with your previous knowledge, experience and Flight Time, there is an easy and quick way to do it in our flight school.

Are you ready to start a new career in the aviation field? or validate your foreign aviation license? Click here to fill out a short form or call us at 954-239-8559.

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