Expand your skills, knowledge and resume by taking some of our optional training courses for more specific training in dedicated career choices.


Aviation English

For those students who do not speak English as a fluent or native language, take our English Course to become confident on the radio and prevent any delays in training due to a language barrier.

International Flight Operations

Obtain your FCC Radio License, required for any international flight from the US and become familiar with international flight planning, communications and customs operations.

Spin Training

Required for those students taking the Certified Flight Instructor Rating and also a great learning opportunity for any student, even if you are just becoming a Private Pilot, Spin awareness training may one day save a life.

Tail Wheel Endorsement

If you would like to see how it feels to fly from a tail dragger point of view and perfect those takeoff and landings or would like to work crop dusting or towing banners, get your tail wheel endorsement with our highly experienced acrobatic instructor.

High Performance Training

In order to fly an airplane with more than 200 Horse-power you will need training in a High-Performance aircraft.

Jet Orientation Course

This Course is an advanced training dedicated for future Airline Pilots with no jet handling experience. It is the bridge between the General Aviation aircraft and Commercial Aviation aircraft.

Multi Engine Instructor Rating

Get the multi engine rating added to your current Certified Flight Instructor license so that you can teach in a multi engine aircraft. Must have CPL ME.

Commercial Pilot Multi Engine Add On

In just a few hours you can add the multi-engine rating to your existing Private or Commercial license

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Atlantis Aviation is a company made up of professionals in the world of Aviation, dedicated to education, training, and consultancy in the aviation industry.

Our headquarters are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA), although with worldwide operations, presence, and great relations.