Atlantis Aviation Professional Flight Instructor Program is designed for pilots who hold an FAA Commercial license who want to continue their career in Aviation and obtain their Flight Instructor Ratings.

This program will include Certified Flight Instructor and Certified Flight Instructor Instrument, with the option of Multi-Engine Instructor (please see additional training for ME courses) Pilots also have the option to complete a degree in aviation to further your education and meet the airline standards.

Certified Flight Instructor

In this Program you will become proficient in the Learning and Teaching Process to qualify as an FAA Certified Flight Instructor SEL (Single Engine Land) in approximately 60 days.
Note: Spin training is required for the completion of the Initial CFI, please see Additional Training
Note: CFII (Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument) training is highly recommended to qualify for job opportunities teaching instrument students.

Certified Flight Instructor Rating 2 months To Complete*

Ground Training (Group) 25 Hrs
Dual Instruction Complex SEL 10 Hrs
Practical Exam (Aircraft Rent) 1.5 Hrs

Summary Requirements

  • Hold an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Medical: Class II

Flight Training Certificates
Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Training Aircraft
Piper Arrow PA 28R 200

*If the student meets the standards

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

Upgrade your Flight Instructor knowledge adding the Instrument Instructor Rating to your Flight Instructor Certificate.

Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument 1 month To Complete*

Ground Training (Group) 15 Hrs
Dual Instruction Cessna 172 SEL 10 Hrs
Practical Exam (Aircraft Rent) 1.5 Hrs

Summary Requirements

  • Hold an FAA Commercial and CFI Certificate
  • Medical: Class II

Flight Training Certificates
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)

Training Aircraft
Cessna 172 SEL

*If the student meets the standards

Associate Degree in Pilot Technology

Obtaining a degree in aviation will put you at the top of the line in the eyes of your potential employer.
Available courses are Associate, Bachelor and Master degrees depending on your current education level.
By taking these courses you may be eligible for Optional Practical Training Opportunity to build flight time and reach the qualification experience required by the airlines, while earning appropriate competitive compensation.


Summary Requirements

    • Hold a High School Diploma

li>If English is not a native language, students must take an English proficiency test, such as TOEFL, IELTS or provide a US High School Diploma.


Visa, Admin & Enrollment

Online Ground School

Books and Supplies

Custom Pilot Shirt

Weekly Reports

Online Schedule

Academic Calendar Training

Personal Student Advisor

Supervison from Aviation Experts

Practical Training Opportunity

Job Interview Preparation

Airline Interview Guaranteed

Airline Interview Guaranteed

In United States or other regions, depending upon the job market conditions at the time of meeting qualification requirements.

  • Airline job application and interview preparation.
  • Human resources personnel from the airline will conduct a preliminary interview. They will then provide guidance for the practical interview and test to be conducted at the airline.
  • Personalized assistance from our legal department during the process for a work-permit application.
  • Relocation coordination to the united states and logistics assistance for the applicant and their family

Optional Training

  • Aviation English
  • Spin Training
  • High Performance Training
  • Tailweel Endorsement
  • Jet Orientation Course
  • International Flight Operations
  • Commercial Pilot Multi Engine Add-on

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Atlantis Aviation is a company made up of professionals in the world of Aviation, dedicated to education, training, and consultancy in the aviation industry.

Our headquarters are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA), although with worldwide operations, presence, and great relations.